Monday, March 07, 2011

Someone could have told me I had ‘sign here’ flags in my hair.

Today is my first day in the second new cube I’ve had in the past month.

Yes, victory - for I have moved!

I was told on Friday morning that I would be able to move that afternoon and, what's more, I NEEDED to be out by Monday morning as there is a new person moving into my first new cube Monday. Convenient? Not so much, because I was working at home on Friday and wasn’t planning to come in. More less-convenient was that an entire cascade of moves had to take place before mine, as we’re playing cube dominoes in order to consolidate groups and make room for new folks. Also even least-more convenient, Biff and I were headed out of town Friday afternoon at about 3, which was, of course, when I was told I could move the cube.

So, I didn’t.

I figured I could just go in Sunday afternoon, pack up my few things, and move at my leisure without having to sidestep around people and cart my personal belongings around the halls.

Except that, after a very early Sunday morning departure from Oldfriend’s house in VA, I’d neglected to put my backpack in the truck. My backpack that contains my work ID. The work ID that is also a door key, which would have allowed me to get into the stupid building on Sunday afternoon. But, no matter, there’s always a guard on duty. I figured they could just buzz me in and Bob’s your Uncle.

But, would there be a guard on duty? There ought to be, I thought, but caved into the pressure Biff placed on me with the question 'have you ever gone in on the weekend and know for SURE there's a guard?' and called the office to ensure that our soon-to-be 40-minute commute to move my stuffed E. coli and computer equipment and various other toys and knickknacks wouldn't be in vain.

The first general number I called told me to call the new general number, which I did and got a ‘this number is not functioning right now’ autoreply.Naturally I dialed again to ensure I did it right the first time, and whaddaya know, I got the same results. So, there was noway to know for sure if there was a guard on duty but to drive the 24 miles to work to see. 24 miles. On a Sunday afternoon. To, quite possibly, be turned away at the door if there was no guard.

Which we were. There was no guard. I had no ID to let us in, so no move.


HOWEVER, instead of being disheartened, we instead went shopping. It was decided that we’d zip up to a furniture store to see if there were any kitchen chairs that leaped out of their collection and begged us to take them home as companion to the kitchen table that’s being built. One trip around the showroom yielded some promising, but pricey, options. Another trip around yielded a salesman, who filled us in on things like ‘options’ and ‘upholstering’ and tempting nuggets of custom woodcraftery that, by 5:30 yesterday afternoon, we were putting pen to paper and buying us some dang chairs. OK, putting a deposit on some dang chairs. Sticker shock set in and I went for the quasi layaway option.

To be buck-nekkid honest, they are embarrassingly expansive chairs. They are perhaps the most expensive chairs I’ve ever bought. Why, just one of these chairs is as much as I would have thought a whole dining set should go for a few years ago. They are sort of showpiecey in a very understated way.

And they are worth it. Totally worth the price tag, the sticker shock, the grimacing, the bleed-out of the bonus money, because they are COMFORTABLE. They are the most comfy of the billion different chairs we sat in. They are nice and wide (key for well-padded people), have a remarkably supportive back for a wooden chair, and they suit both Biff and I both in style and fit.

Yes, I’m waxing rhapsodic about stupid CHAIRS. Shush. This is the first new furniture I’ve had, except beds, in years and years. Finding a great chair that works for us instead of just picking something cheap and ‘it’ll do’ is huge for me. Yes, I’m nearly 50, what of it?

So, in 6 to 8 weeks, for the equivalent of what’s about 10 days worth of paycheck, we will be delivered of 4 new, ‘05M’ stained Mission-style kitchen chairs. We shall sit in them and love them very much, all the days of our lives, because manohman, with a cash outlay like that I’m thinking I’ll never need to buy more. I feel, well, like an adult, and it feels kind of good.


And that’s part of what we did this past weekend. How about YOU?

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