Monday, March 21, 2011

An outline of the full report, due date forthcoming.

Here are some of the things in which I was involved this weekend, in case you wanted to know how a glamorous internet blogger and wanna-be real estate novelist (heh) spends her time:
  • Cleaned the fridge
  • Watched skydivers
  • Walked a runway-length and back while Biff flew around in an airplane
  • Made brownies and spicy steak and a sandwich that required a cinderblock to fix properly.
  • Did massive amounts of laundry
  • Opened all the windows and aired out the house
  • Let in a fly.
  • A FLY! It’s MARCH!
  • Brushed out the dog, who, it seems, was hiding an extra dog’sworth (that’s about a pound) of fur in her fur.
  • Learned about massive changes at our church, which are all good, but no more sermons in a movie theater for us. That’s kind of sad. I like the movie theater idea. The seats are comfy. And there are cup holders. And it smells like popcorn after the 10:30 service. Somehow this is not enough of a benefit to keep us from actually getting our own building. Hrmph.
  • Had one of the best naps EVER yesterday afternoon. 3 hours of cozy bliss with windows open (even though it was a little chilly) snuggled up with a rock star = awesome. Of course, for the rest of the day my internal clock was way off, but that’s a minor point where NAP is concerned.
  • Butlered for the cats far more times than I care to admit.
  • Edited, edited, edited. Still not done with it. There’s a writer in Tennessee who is getting impatient with me. Sorry, WiT – I am working on it. 50 more pages is all.
And that’s about it.

Also, Saturday was as gorgeous as it gets, but, sadly, it couldn’t coax the daffodils to bloom. This is just not their year, and are withering without fully emerging. It’s not just the ones in our yard, either – the ones in the lot next door (from whence ours came) are puny this year too. However, in the median of North Main Street in Wake Forest there is an absolute riot of Spring color happening, from daffs and jonquils to cherries and Bradford pear, it’s as picturesque as it can be and make me smile each time I drive to and from. Yay Spring!

I do hope you had a satisfactory weekend, and that this Monday is shaking your hand in a very polite way and insinuating itself into your reality with deference and respect. If so, life is as it should be. If not, welcome to my boat. Now get rowing.

Tiff out.

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