Thursday, January 06, 2011

Somewhere, in this room, a cat has pee'd

So, I am sick of cats. Utterly, completely, TRAGICALLY, sick of cats.

One TRIES to improve their living conditions, and what does one get for attempting to elevate their lifestyle by the addition of an awesome new wood floor in the kitchen, higher ceilings, new cabinets, and pretty much EVERYTHING NEW in the 25% of the house from which the lovely noms come?


Yep - piss. That's what you get when you have cats. you get PISS for your troubles and thanks very much for even having to ask.

Piss on the carpet. Piss on the couch. Piss on the STOVE, for crying out loud, which I can't even begin to understand. Man, that hurts.

Never ones to be grateful, when we locked them away in the bathroom from the hurt and anguish that the kitchen remodel is, one of them decided that yes, the bathroom sink would be a fantastic place to dump a deuce.

The SINK. Where we brush our teeth. I know. I KNOW!!! It's 'Hoarders' gross, isn't it?

AND, to make it worse, someplace in the living room there's a deposit of something that smells bad, even though I've cleaned every surface imaginable at this point. They make it stink, even when they're not around to make it stink! It's....unacceptable!

Which is why they're outside now. And they are, from all appearances, ENJOYING IT.

Stupid cats.

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