Saturday, December 11, 2010

No really, December, knock it off

This cold has got to stop. This unremitting cold, that's turned nasty and wet to boot, must cease soon, or the tip of my nose is in danger of falling off. I simply cannot get warm, even when wrapped up at home in the relatively balmy 66 degree heat.

There's only one real (though temporary) way to fix the problem. That's right: BAKING.

It is time for the baking of things. Chocolate chip cookies, anyone? How about red and green jello cookies? Bourbon balls?

Other suggestions?

In about an hour (after the grocery run for butter. *snerk*) it shall begin to smell like heaven in the Tiny House. After the cookies are going , there will be some bread dough and chili making to prepare for a visit from friends tomorrow. When one is cold, one must keep moving or risk freezing in situ, which I understand is terribly uncomfortable and to be avoided at all cost.

Is it freezing where you are too? It seems like the whole US is coming down with a cold. How do you combat the cold, aside from cranking the heat and girding your loins in preparation for the receipt of the heating bill? Do tell, won't you?

Tiff out. There's butter to buy!

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