Friday, November 19, 2010

Gee, I wish I knew this 5 years ago

On my iGoogle page, I have a few little gadgets that present me with news, weather, 'how-tos' and the like. Normally, I don't read the 'how tos,' because I am remarkably well-versed in so many things already that adding to the stockpile of awesome might throw the earth's orbit around the sun out of balance, and then we'd all go wheeling off into the great unknown expanses of the galaxy, destroying our chances of even MAKING it to 2012 to see if the end times really will come upon us, and I can't have that. So, I keep the 'how to-ing' to a minimum.

You're welcome.

However, today one of the tips caught my eye, and thus I share it with you: how to be a more awesome blogger.

Just 12 measly steps to creating a blog of such wonderment that Dooce will weep at her unthroning from the queendom seat of the blogosphere, that Matt Drudge will begrudge you a place at his table of power, that Crazy Aunt Purl just might have you do a guest post or 6, such will be your amazing skill set where the bloggery is concerned!

Go on, read it, and understand that up until now, your blog has been doing it all wrong. I know NAY has been. Why, just on the topic of 'research' alone I've failed you, dear readers. What is this research of which you speak? Find SOURCES to back up any opinion I might have, AND make sure they're credible? Gives me the willies, that does. Or, don't mix up topics, stay with one genre, respond to comments, solicit guest posts? Oh dear oh dear, I've fallen rather flat on those accounts as well. At least gone are the days when I'd present a dreary fiction story one day then a rant the next, a giggling little blort about some news story the next, and then, dear Lord, a RECIPE post to round out the week; so improvement is possible I suppose.

We don't do much 'branding' around these parts either, not do I make the rounds of blogs as much as I used to. Clearly, NAY is headed down a long slow decline into senescence, and it makes me sad that I COULD HAVE BEEN SO GOOD if only I'd known about these 12 steps to certain success a little over 5 years ago when I started this infernal thing.

So, I ask myself, and you, dear readers: is it too late to change? Should I focus NAY with laser precision on one genre of post, and if so, what ought it to be? Do you want me to respond to your comments, or is the very act of commenting on your own enough of a high? Does it thrill you to see me comment on YOUR blogs, and am I even doing THAT right?

Twelve steps to bloggy greatness. Like many other 12-step programs, some phases will be easier to achieve than others. I'm interested in starting small - won't you tell me how?

And then have a wonderful day.

Tiff out.

(Picture courtesy of My First Dictionary, a horribly amusing place. Go see!)

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