Wednesday, October 13, 2010

As a matter of fact, Grant's blog is pretty good

Also, I notice JC's been writing lately. And Beth said howdy a while back.

So, maybe not all sites in the blogroll are dead. Some might SEEM dead, because I'm lazy and haven't updated the links to them (sorry Kaply!), but they're not. I own that error.

So, yes. Things are in fact not as grim as I thought yesterday.


It was homecoming at the local high school this weekend. We 4 went to the game, and I think 2 of us actually watched it. The Things had free reign to wander during the game, during which time I'm certain they did nothing but socialize. Biff and I did watch, because by gum we'd PAID to be there, and had a pretty good time.

There was some crowning of queens and such at the halftime, which meant that the band didn't do their show, so boohiss on THAT action. Not to worry though, because they did the show after the game was over.

Our guys won. That was pretty neat, it being homecoming and all, and even if there is an unwritten rule that the homecoming team must win the game, it's still nice to sit and cheer.

After the game was won, something very cool happened. Instead of trotting off to the locker room to celebrate their victory, the football team piled into the bleachers where the band had previously sat, and WATCHED the marching band put on a show.

Y'all, I just about dropped my Chik-fil-A.

I also just about dropped it when I saw the kind of drill the band was doing. Hard doesn't even begin to describe it. They are all OVER that field! It's even more impressive when you consider that there aren't that many kids in the band, so each one has the chance to stick out like a sore thumb if they're off by more than just a tiny bit. They looked great, sounded great, the color guard was impressive, and the crowd loved 'em. I think probably 80% of the people who were at the game stayed to see the band perform, which clearly indicates one thing:

My town rocks.

It felt really good to have gone, to have enough trust in the kids to know they're going to behave appropriately when not under direct supervision, to have our guys win, to be a little bit Norman Rockwell on a nearly-perfect autumn evening.

It's good that we had that experience; we needed it to reflect on after watching Michigan fall all over themselves Saturday afternoon. Sheesh - that game was enough to frustrate Ghandi. Seriously, someone needs to tell their line that it's OK to hold onto the guy you're supposedly tackling.

(it looks sinister. in reality it's about as tough as a spotty banana.)

And I know it's Wednesday, and you probably can't remember what you did this past weekend, so just tell us who you root for in college football, and how 'your team' is doing.

For the record, I don't really have a 'team,' because my alma mater isn't really a football school (but they did beat Va Tech this year and are 4 and 1 overall, so I might have to reconsider!). I WOULD root for Michigan on Biff's behalf, but after that game on Saturday I'm not sure I want to sign up for that much rage.

Besides, look at JMU's logo! A pigeon-toed bulldog in a cape and crown? Who WOULDN'T want to root for a team with that kind of brand identity? Oh, yeah.


OK - time to work. Y'all have a splendiferous afternoon. Tiff out.

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