Monday, October 25, 2010


Yesterday was spent mostly figuring out how to get as little done as possible while still doing things, because after Saturday's festivities I was mighty tuckered out.

Yes, throwing a block party for 600+ people is rather exhausting, do you even need to ask?

Two+ months of planning and preparation, asking favors, cajoling volunteers, guilt-tripping local businesses and friends, placing advertising, asking for publicity, doing all the things necessary to do on a list that made it to the '10 pages or more' stage are now over ,and those 2+ months of all that time and effort are being counted in my book as 'totally worth it.'

The success of our party is all that more sweet because last week at this time I, the apparent pessimist of our crewe, wasn't sure if we could pull it off. There was just so MUCH left to do, and so little time in which to do it. In the end though providence smiled on us and everything came together, including the weather (which I think was ordered pretty much straight from heaven, that's how glorious it was (and what's the bill going to be for THAT, I wonder?)), and everyone involved, from chairperson to smallest child, seemed to have had a good time.

So yeah, Saturday, despite being holy Batman busy, was Awesome with a capital A.

In the end, we gave away dozens of cupcakes (1 at a time at the cakewalk), served over 500 people a free meal, heard 2 great bands perform, played a lot of 'cornhole' (heh heh heh), hung out with friends (some of whom came from over an hour away (Hi Renn!)), and saw a few new faces at church the next day, all because a bunch of people wanted to get to know their neighbors.

Yep - it all worked out. Wonder how THAT happened?



Ridiculous work thing #254 - we have had a week to completely update our training records to avoid problems with record keeping in the future. This has involved reading many an SOP, recording the reading thereof an an approved form, signing and dating the approved form, taking multiple online training classes and documenting the taking thereof by printing out certificates of completion, researching current job descriptions and procuring a copy thereof for the files, and updating the ol' CV to be current as of this very minute.

1 week. All while doing our regular jobs.

Oh, it's nothing but fun around the cube farm, yessir.

I thought for a moment about boycotting this whole thing, but my inner Girl Scout is apparently far more pushy than my inner demons (that's probably good news), and thus I have finished 80% of the training and all the other paperwork attendant to this effort.

Frankly, I'm as shocked as the next person at my compliance. It's simply not like me to expend so much effort on something as low-personal-return as this. Maybe someone subliminally planted the idea that on completion we'd all get cookies or something, because that's about the only thing that would get me to kowtow to the powers that be like this.

Mmmm, cookies. They have powers.


Going to leave it hanging with that one. It's time to refill the ol' water bottle and get ready for meetin' time again! Aw-riiiite.

Tiff out.

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