Thursday, September 16, 2010

Living la vita doughnut

Lordy lordy lordy, what a day. While spending the day at home working on workly stuff, I've promised myself that I'd take a shower/get the dishes done/fold the laundry for the past 6+ hours, and have any of them yet gotten done?

Um, no.

Instead I've been neck-deep in document reviews, which I do love to do, and the time has flown by.

On normal days, when I have to do the writing, the hours creep past like pigs in a molasses river, slowly oinking along in a sticky flow. Even though my JOB has' writer' in the title, I suspect I'd be happier as 'editor,' a position that implies a certain power and leeway to craft messages, pick apart punctuation, and adopt a set of rules and apply them liberally to things like style and format. Editing is the bit when you get to tear apart someone else's work, armed with style guides, intuition, and no fear of reprisal. It's delicious, the editor's work.

While it's a happy thing to have an inbox stuffed with stuff to edit, the sad fact is that I have all this other writing to do too, and it's the nasty sloggy kind of writing that involves paper shuffling, detective work, reorganization, and the brainial equivalent of scutwork.

Ah well, at last I still have my job. Yes, yes I do. The layoff fairy did NOT leave a pink slip under my pillow.....yet, so I'm glad as a monkey in a poo factory that I'm still drawing a paycheck. Scutwork, come on over any ol' time - you and me are going to get along just fine.

As soon as I finish up this editing here.


What parts of your job do you LOVE, and which could you live without? Do tell us all about it, won't you?

Tiff's out.

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