Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Life on the cat farm

Normally, there are 3 cats that live inside the Tiny House. That, I'm sure you will agree, is enough for anyone. But wait! There's more! Until last week we ALSO had 2 outdoor cats -Albert our dear departed friend, and a new little gray cat we call Urkel, who adopted us a month or so ago. This, I KNOW you will agree, is plenty of cats to care for.



There's more. For the past few days we've been babysitting a friend's cat while they're on vacation. We did have an option to just go over to the house a couple of times a day and feed/water the little girl kitty, but instead decided to tempt people's opinions of our sanity and brought her over to Maison du Chat to see ho she would do in a house with All Those Cats around.

After 4 days, it's completely safe to say that the Tiny House has a new ruler, and it is NOT one of our cats. New cat sits in the choicest spots, regal in her bearing, utterly comfortable. Even our crabby cat seems fine with her, which is amazing given that Crabby Catty still hisses at Eric and Lola, and they've been here for MONTHS.

Maybe there' s a tipping point among cats once a certain critical mass is reached, where they just stop caring about how many of them there are in the house and start planning the human's demise. That might explain their furtive glances and the Che Geuvara beanies they've taken to wearing.

New cat goes home next Sunday. Let's hope we can hold off any insurrection at least until then.

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