Wednesday, August 25, 2010

hydrophobic moieties in hydroethanolic copolymers

Mmmm, yeah baby, talk science to me.

Burst release! Lipophilicity! Carbomer and hydroxymethylcelluose and Peppas equations where n corrects for the shape of the phase separator and the mass of the inverse plane of the logP pore size!

Oh, yes, yes, YES!!!

And that's a little window into what I'm doing right now.


No, I don't really understand what I'm doing right now, but I know a whole lot MORE about formulating hydroethanolic gels than I did this morning. Those who have occasion to engage me in conversation should be prepared to hear a 30-second recitation of just how very interesting it is.

Then we can talk about boobs and poop and junk, because I'll be all out of the brain stuff.


That tree next door that I bore y'all about to a perfectly astounding degree? Yeah, they're still working on clearing that monster. For comparison, I'm sure y'all have seen a picture of the "Anne Frank Tree" the just blew over, right?

I'd swear the tree next door was bigger. The stump has to be at least 6 feet in diameter, possibly more. Truckload after truckload of material is coming out of that lot, and a crew of 4 or so guys is consistently spending 8-hour days just cutting and hauling.

I, for one, am very happy that monster didn't fall on our house. We would not have come out on the victor's side in that little battle, I'm sure.

And proving that memories are indeed short, I'm used to a skyline without the tree. I mean jeepers, since it fell, we now have yet ANOTHER street light shining at our house, and you can't ever have too many of those, right? Privacy, schmivacy, the neighbors need to see what we're doing out around that fire pit!



Also, it's clear that the previous post was the Most Boring Post In History, as it got a whopping 5 comments. For that, I am sorry. I'll try to pep things up from this point on.

THIS post notwithstanding.

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