Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update from the front, Thursday edition

After spending much of Tuesday in a funk due to the untimely passing of Albert the Cat, Wednesday was time to get back to earth and enjoy. Please don't think me callous to not spend more time mourning, but it's kind of my style to do the big ugly cry for a day or so then pull on the big girl panties and move on. Life is way too short to DWELL.

So, in celebration of it being a new day and having another chance to ride the big blue ball around the sun, I went into work late and left early. Then I took the kids to the pool. Where we played until the whistles blew and they kicked us out. It was grand. We had handstand contests and somersaulted, the kids went off the diving board, we had breath-holding contests and etc etc acted like a bunch of kids. In a pool. On a glorious summer afternoon. Which we were. And probably still are, but we're not in a pool. YOU get the idea.

We were thwarted in finding ice cream though, which stunk. I bet them an ice cream they couldn't swim across the pool without touching bottom. Might I just say right now that I think my children have been putting me on re: the swimming thing? Because Thing 1 did a marvelous crawl stroke and Thing 2 zoomed across like he was jet-propelled. Stinkers. So, they won the ice cream, but the concession stand didn't have any, and our local stop-n-go's ice cream freezer is down so everything in the case was the consistency of pudding. Ew. Thank goodness there are popsicles in the freezer at home...but you just KNOW they will remind me that popsicles do not equal ice cream and thus I still owe 'em one. They would be right to do so. There are rules about this sort of thing.


I get to go out for sushi today at lunch, which is pretty dang awesome. Mmmmmmmm, futomaki.

Tasted sushi for the first time over 20 years ago when I was dating a man with an adventurous palate. He liked Korean, Thai, Japanese, as long as it was HOT. So, it should go without saying, that 'more wasabi please' was a common refrain when we'd hit the sushi places. While I dig the wasabi, I never learned to like the really exotic sushi, so I take mine without quail egg or octopus, thank you very much.

I introduced The Biffster to sushi a while back. He'd been on this earth 40 years and had never had any, can you believe it? We started off slow, with grocery-store veggie rolls (almost always a safe bet, provided it's fresh) and he was an instant fan. I can't recall if we've gone OUT to get sushi, but you can bet that those little platters in the grocery's deli case have been disappeared on a regular basis by us. Once in the car on the way back from the store. Ahem.

Today a bunch of us from work going to a place that's new to me. If something exotic catches my eye, I might just go for it. Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with California Roll....


Must dash - lunch is in an hour and I'm not ever showered yet!

Tiff out.

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