Friday, July 02, 2010

Seriously though

Well, the A/C works again, thanks to the powers that be (which in this case include 3 repair dudes, one sales dude, and one shiny new compressor). Folks, this unit is only about a year old, and yet it was so very farked that many interesting and important parts needed to be replaced. As the repair dude yesterday said "I haven't seen this kind of thing happen in a long time." GRRRRRRREAT! It's just us that gets the lemon, from which we can not even make lemonade in order to cool ourselves down.

Illustration of just how miserable it was in the Tiny House earlier this week: temps reached 100F outside, and 86F inside. Plus which - High humidity. No perceptible breeze, even with the windows open. Fortunately, each room in the TH has a ceiling fan, but even then all that was on offer was a hot air blast, and even THEN, the office area in the kitchen seems to be an air flow dead zone. When just SITTING is enough to cause active sweating.....people can get a little crabby.

On Wednesday Biff (bless him!) went out and got a little window unit for our bedroom. Just getting one room down to 80 degrees was a huge improvement. Now that the A/C is working again, I have a conundrum; I'm torn between returning the wee humbox or keeping it as a 'just in case' item. We could use the money back, but if the unit blows again we still have 3 more months of summer in NC and no guarantee that whatever is borked will be covered under warranty, as all the work up to this point has been.

*sigh *

Sometime this whole 'being an adult' thing is for the birds.


So, that's why I haven't had much energy to write lately. Seems that stuff has just been piling up and up, so much so that just to claw a tiny hole in the pile to get a breath of fresh air or ray of sun takes a much energy as I have. This shouldn't happen in summer, ya know? We should get summers off from bills and taxes and jobs and responsibility. We should vacate from all of reality, promising to catch up and get back on track when the leaves start to turn colors.

Can I get a woot woot on this?


Because it's clear that THAT ain't gonna happen today, I'm off to pay bills, go to the DMV, hit up the bank for some cash, and generally act like an adult. BONUS = it's beautiful outside. BONUS BONUS = I'm working at home today, and so haven't even taken a shower yet.

Gotta take the little bits of awesome and make the most out of 'em you can, ya know?

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