Monday, June 14, 2010

strangely satisfied

Yesterday afternoon an enormous storm front moved through the area, darkening the skies of an otherwise perfectly hot and sunny North Carolina summer day. On other Sunday afternoons this would have been an invitation to snooze a while as dinner percolated gently in the ol' GI tract, but that was not to be the case yesterday, for there were things to do.

Number 1 was eat BBQ, the most perfectly smoked pig that ever there was. The half inch rime of deep pink smoked flesh bespoke great whacking mouthfuls of tasty tasty dinner that was only accentuated by creamy mac and cheese, smoothly sweet baked beans, brilliant coleslaw, and other delicacies I can't recall now because my mouth is loving on that BBQ again and when it does that there's nothing for it but to forlornly wish for another plate.

The fact that the BBQ was eaten in a downpour didn't really seem to matter, as the pavilion was secure, the seats accommodating, and the company genial. Because dudes, it's summer, there's a beach, and there's not MUCH thunder, so let's relax and enjoy the company of friends.

And then some of us got dipped. Kind of a nice fillip of sweetness to counter the tang of BBQ, don't you think? :)

I have a new tee shirt out of the deal, and a fancy new study book, a series of pictures that show Biff doing his ministerial best, a passel of good memories, and one shiny new me to figure out how to work.

Oh my yes. This ought to be fun.


Also- there's a big chocolate zucchini cake in our kitchen, courtesy of Renn. Not to brag too much on her skillz, but there were 6 people in our kitchen tonight crowded around her confection positively PURRING over how good it is.

With Cool Whip? Even better. BELIEVE!

I think I must have the best friends, ever, in the history of peoplehood-dom-ness. Because really? I don't think I would make a frigging 10-pound cake and then GIVE IT AWAY. And yes Renn would, and does, and seems utterly thrilled by it. There's a lot to learn there.


One other thing - it's time to ride roller coasters again. Seriously. It's summertime - time to roll up the sleeves of danger and get to the task of riding giant hurtling buckets of metal around on gossamer-thin tracks.

Which one's your favorite?

I'm partial to wooden ones, like this one:

That's the Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce in Southington CT. Super fun ride, as you might be able to tell. I'd go there tomorrow if I could. Fun park, great rides, and there's a swimming lake! Sweeeeeet.

Where would YOU head if you're set to tackle your favorite coaster?

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