Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh it is hot all up in heyah

Say, fellahs, why don't we make this talk like a movie star from the '40's day? It'll be fun!

You say you don't know how? Poor chump. Here, I'll help ya - check out this clip for some examples of accents, and a look at the gorgeous Hedy Lamarr as a 'woman of mystery'.

Then ask yourself: "is this what really passed for entertainment back in the day?" because dang. that's one slow-moving scene.

Of course, if you're talking like a '40's movie star, you need to ask that question thusly:

Ess thet whot rilly pawsed for entertainment beck in the dey?

I'm practicing right now, and plan to stun a check-out clerk at the grocery store later with my new-found classy way of talking. Oh, and I'll for SURE use it on the air-conditioner tech when he comes out later today, because what better time to go all glamour-puss then when you've spent the morning in a warm clammy house trying not to move too much or turn on anything that will emit heat because the compressor on the AC seems to have crapped out and it's going to be in the 90's today? NO BETTER TIME, is when. Talking like a '40's movie star is cooool, baby, and will help me chill out in a hot situation.

Also, we should all maybe practice that fantastic dance style that got Hedy those rave reviews from her dance partner. Yes, it looks complicated, swaying back and forth like that, but I'm sure that a few hours spent in training would reap great rewards at various wedding receptions or class reunions, and that's worth something, am I right?


Cats sleep approximately 23 hours a day. I've spent the last few days at home, so I now know this for a fact. It's really quite amazing.

The other hour a day they spend shedding, kicking litter out of the poop pan, and getting underfoot, so it's no mystery why they need so much sleep.


Y'all have a fab weekend. Biff and I have NO PLANS, and I'm not sure we're really comfortable with that. What to do, what to do???

Tiff out.

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