Thursday, June 24, 2010

oh hail no

Got home from work this afternoon at about 5:15. House was about 80 degrees. No big deal, the thermostat is set to 82 until 3:30, then 78 until 5, and THEN to 75 starting at 5 p.m.. I figured it was just being a little slow on the uptake, being as how it's a brazilian degrees outside.

At 7:30, when I thought to check again, it was 81 degrees in the house.

Uh-oh. BORKED!!

I've already made the call to the HVAC dudes, turned off the system (could've iced over under the strain), turned ON all the ceiling fans, and poured myself a nice cold drink. For now, that's about all I can do.


If you hadn't heard, we're roasting in the Old North State. ROASTING. At 8:30 it's 93 degrees outside. The high was around 100. The weather folk say that it's more of the same for the next several days.


Truth be told, it conked out a couple of weeks ago, we had the dude come out and 'fix' it, but I suspect that the fix is in on us as the thing has failed again in short order and the unit is only a little over a year old. This is no fun and frustrating to boot.

I dislike sweat, people. Strongly dislike sweat, esp. if not generated by some bodily activity in which one chooses to engage. So here I sit, clad in a nightshirt and nothing else, sweating my face off in my own house.

Highly unamusing.


Overnight lows are expected to be in the mid-70's. Almost makes it worth opening the windows. At around 3 a.m.

And naturally, it will take 3 days to get a repair dude out here, which is just in time for the heat to break, because next week it's only going to be in the 80's as the high temps which is hot HOT IS IN HERE RIGHT NOW, an it will be at that time that the AC at the Tiny House will be fixed, and for WHAT?

Well, for one thing, to show me I have wonderful friends, because as soon as I bitched about it on FB, kenju offered up her house as a way-station amidst the overbearing heat. How awesome is THAT??? If it's not fixed by tomorrow, kenju, I might just be bunking at your place, or at least coming over for a dip in the pool, because, dang. Wiggle temptation in front of me like that and there's only so much a body can do to resist.

So, there's that. Heat, heat, and a bright spot in the middle of the muddle. Life is, in fact, pretty good.


Biff is at the funeral home right now, being his usual charming self for the folks who choose to come out and pay their last respects to his mama. Tomorrow is the funeral. How quickly we go from here to gone. Pray for him and his family if you're the praying type, because each and every time we have to say goodbye forever to a loved one we need all the good thoughts and strength we can get.

It's been a tough dang year for that family, is what it's been.


That's it from here. Love, Debbie Downer.

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