Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yes, I am a purist.

At least where my favorite 1-minute interwebby game is concerned. Thus far I've amassed something over 2 million boost points and just can't bring myself to use them. Wonder what they'd go for on eBay?


A couple of my most fierce competitors on the 60-second Game of Incredibly Addicting Powers are a high-school classmate, an expert on hillibillies, and a dialysis tech/rock star.

Technology - capable of bringing out the bloodthirsty in even the most apparently mild-mannered of us. What can't it do???


SoooOOOOoo, what's going on with y'all? I'm not very interesting these days, as my life consists pretty much of the standard round of daily chores, which now includes the bonus of daily vacuuming ti pick up the GIANT CLUMPS OF DOG HAIR that little the LR carpet on a nearly hourly basis. Our dog is so miserable right now; the yearly allergies have flared up and she has, once again, chewed her ass nearly bare while dropping mats and fuzz and pounds worth of her gross spitty hair all over the place.

Is it so wrong of me to have the occasional hope that she might, um, disappear and never ever come back? Yes, ti's selfish, but if she just disappeared then I could hope she went with some nice person who lovelove LOVES dogs and can work magic on an old fat itchy beast such as she. I've had many years of it, and it gets.....old. FAST.

Baths dont work, even with the special itchy dog shampoo. Extra fat in her diet doesn't work, though she appreciates it like mad. Gentle combing out of hte mats and tangles doesn't work at ALL, and if I was a bettin' person I'd say the combing makes it worse. She's just scratchy and sad and uncomfortable and I'll be danged if anything really works besides the Benadryl I jam down her gullet just to get her to calm the heck down already.

So, your suggestions are welcome. Just for the record, I've not yet tried beer on her. Or IN her. That might be next on the ol' agenda.




Tiff out.

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