Thursday, May 27, 2010

The PTD list

PTD of course equals 'poop to do' and is a staple of life around these parts. Why, just tonight my PTD list includes

  • fold laundry
  • wash dishes
  • make something for dinner
  • finish that one stupid work project that keeps hanging on like one of those mystery dingleberries that seems to be coated in TP kryptonite. If I might be so bold.

The PTD list does NOT, however, include playing Bejeweled Blitz for 45 minutes trying to best the two people ahead of me on my 'team,' if a loose amalgamation of people who are my FB friends that play the game can be called such. Why, several of us have never met some of us, so where's the 'all for one and one for one' in THAT, I ask you?

I have a feeling that if offered a thousand dollars or the chance to be permanently seated at the top of the leaderboard, I'd take the latter, and that is NOT a proud thing to say.

Hey - I'm working on it. It takes precious TIME to write a post, you know. Time that could be spent furiously playing!!


You can tell from the PTD list that I am, in fact, a rockstar. So glad you noticed.


Also, and you might not have been able to tell from the way the stars align in the heavens just SO when I post, but it's been frigging busy where I live and I'm running short of topics except how the cats hate us and the dog is half bald and it's getting hot in here and those dishes won't wash themselves, Missy. It's kind of like this gigantic repeating loop of nonsense punctuatated by little glimpses of what life could be like if the World Went My Way.

Of course, it might well be that the world is indeed running my way, which would explain the ever-growing sense of impending DOOM, because a whole WORLD running one's way does make a racket and carry with it the question of 'do we have enough dishes'?

Or is that, once again, just me?


I got a lovely compliment today. The Man to Whom I am Married told me that he thinks I'm adorable and fascinating.

NEWSTIP: Folks, if you want a guarantee of getting a lil sump'n sump'n from your love, just use that line. It melted me like buttah, all ovah. Seriously, a compliment that works for on the outside (adorable) AND the inside (fascinating)?? It's magical. And so I share it with you, my friends, in the hope that you can work it into conversation with the one YOU love, to see if in fact its powers are as nuclear as I think they are.

And good luck with that. I expect a full report in the morning.

Tiff out.

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