Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Pretty much the opposite of a career ladder climber

(at the risk of seeming too self-congratulatory with two posts in a row about What Other People Think About Me, here goes nothin')

Somehow a conversation about dreadlocks came up at work today, in which I allowed as to how I think it would be cool to have them.

Me. A 47-year old pudgy white chick.

The people I was talking with? Said it would totally suit my personality.


In another conversation, a coworker of a certain age and I were talking about the lovely lovely things hormonal changes at this life stage do to your body, and she said "but I bet you're taking it fine, because you're just such a free spirit."


Obviously, people see me as some kind of big ol' hippie chick.

My work here is done.


Here' that part where I wrote out a story about almost not making it home unsullied after taking a nice brisk 2-mile walk tonight and then at a most unfortunate time being shanghied into conversation with a neighbor, but then I thought better of it and erased that block of text.

Because really. Crowing about my sphincter control would perhaps be a new low for this blog, and because I'm trying to be a better person, a new shiny wholesome person (at least on the internet), the tale was retracted.

Much like....

Oh nevermind.


Biff is back up in the great white north again this week, re-taking stock of 'what to do' after his Dad's untimely death in January. Mopping up after a disaster, it takes time. He's a good man to do this, to help his beleaguered sisters with the clean up, to lend a literal hand in the effort to turn family tragedy into something that at least has some order to it.

Nice of him to go up there on his birthday weekend, don't you think? Par-TAY! So, if you've a mind to, go bother Biff in the places you normally find him on the innerwebs, and tell him that he should totally go wild on his birthday and maybe have TWO pieces of cake.


With that I'll close. Must go write my Mommy a Happy Mother's Day card, and write a thank you note, and do some workly work for work because dang if they're not throwing ALL the puppies and kittens over the fence lately! Whoo-EE! Job security is what I hope that means.

Y'all have a good one. Later!

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