Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random. Just living, I suppose

So, Psapp has become big on the rotation around these parts. If you're interested, y'all can start here and wind up wherever. it's the music that, I just now realized, is the kind of thing that plays in the background when I dream (SHUT UP) so I rather like it, garbage can noises and all.

Or kitty mews. Or rubber chicken squeakies. They has 'em.


So, our yard doesn't have any grass in it anymore.


Apparently ripping up one's yard and replacing it is an every year thing? Because I had no idea.

Dichondra, here we come.


At work, we were supposed to move out of our building at the end of May, and now aren't. Oh sweet cubicle, how I love thee. Thou art so MUCH better than the spectre of thee 'open plan.'

Penthouse, I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of LOVE my cubicle, if what awaits beyond it is the specter of the "OPEN PLAN."


We're having chili tonight. It's on the stove. It has bacon innit. And other stuff. But...BACON!



Have a great night.

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