Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to make your own bias tape.

The above was featured on my iGoogle page today. EVERYBODY PANIC!

Because, apparently, bias tape is not cheap enough at the store and there's a HUGE clamoring for it that OMG there might be a shortage of bias tape and Henrietta fetch the shotgun we're a-goin' to town to alert the sheriff!

Piffle. PIFFLE!!! I've seen the bias tape, and it is legion!!!

Honestly, people at How-to of the Day (Wiki-powered version that shows up on my iGoogle)? Enough with the derivative silliness! Teach me how to do important things like make my own nuclear-powered Rabid Monkey-bot or create marshmallows out of air and dreams, or ride a unicorn sidesaddle, but these things you've been touting recently as stuff we might want to know how to do?


Bias tape, my shiny pink nether-pucker.


Also, it came as a bit of a surprise to me that some of the nice folks at our church read this here blog.

Oh crap.

Of course it's my own fault for posting via networked blogs and making friends with folks at church (who are awesome and thought-inspiring and great and funny and PRETTY!) but....uh....
sometime I cuss here.

Sorry God. I'm trying. NOT TO. Trying not to. But dang.



Also. Table manners. The figure to the left indicates what might be expected in your normal Victorian House of Mannerly Pain and Redress, but I'm not sure it's altogether that current for this day and age and time and ethos.

So, QotD: What do you insist on at your house? We have a semi-long list (though involving almost no woodland creatures in the depiction or practice thereof) that encompasses the following:

  • No singing during meals
  • No reading during meals
  • all 5 feet on the ground
  • No shovelling of food into mouth.
  • Bite-sized bites, PLEASE. Knives were invented for a reason.

And I think that's it. Are we missing anything? Napkin use or a no iPod ban or something about foot tapping? DO tell us in the comments, won't you?

And have a great next few hours. Or more. Your choice. But don't strain yourselves.

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