Tuesday, March 09, 2010

When in doubt, blog

There’s a central server at my place of work that holds important things we need to do our work if we’re not smart enough to think ahead to a time when the server might go down and we need to export stuff to the desktop or other accessible area in order to do the work we’re expected to do.

Today this server is 'down.'

If you were thinking ‘hmmm, I wonder I this means Tiff did NOT save those important items she needs to do her work to an area where she can get to them to DO it?’ the answer would be ‘yes.’ It’s like getting ready to cook a great sauce on a snowy day, when your taster is totally tuned to sauce and pasta, only to find out that there’s no basil in the house or even any cans of tomatoes so instantly you’re dead in the water and yet,,,,you want the dang sauce suddenly so much more because you can’t have it! This is how I’m feeling about work today. Normally I’m fairly meh about work, not that I hate my job but that I’ve been working so LONG that the glint is off the salver, so to speak, but today I’m full of intent and focus, which is being wasted in this no-man’s-land of inaccessibility.

So, why not take some time to whine about it here on the internets, where a good whine is to be savored in perpetuity once the ‘publish’ button is pressed?

The natural corollary to this is that once the juice gets turned back on, once the figurative tomatoes and basil are procured, the motivational taster will have been tuned to something else like roast beef and the work will once again become a meh-ism to be struggled with, made worse because it’s a glorious spring day and there’s sunshine and a light breeze and wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a stroll or a nap?

I can feel my gusto waning with each passing moment.



OK, so this is kind of gross. I think I have toenail fungus. EW! Lately my left big toenail has been looking weird (no, there will NOT be pictures) and because I love the internet, I did a little searching and would you believe it there are photos out there that look identical to what’s going on with my stupid toenail, which is onychomycosis.

I have never HAD onychomycosis before. This troubles me, and so I blame the nail salons I’ve been to, for until I started going to nail salons for the delicious pedicure, I did not have onychomycosis. Honestly! Mind you, I have not been to a salon for MONTHS, but toe rot takes a loooong time to develop to the point of being able to notice it, so months-long development is possible.

The brand of ick on my toenail is ‘distal subungual,’ which means it at the end of the nail and off to one side, which is a better breed of inculcation to eradicate than the kind that’s all over the nails making it thick and gross and flaky and nasty. So, that’s one good thing. However, the only real cure for it is to go on meds for 6 months or so until the nail grows out completely, and of course you can’t get the sweet sweet meds without a visit to a dermatologist and I’m too impatient for that so what did I do?

I got out the PedEgg and shaved that ol’ toenail DOWN, is what I did! Then I painted some antifungal topical junk all over it. And I will continue to paint and shave for another couple of weeks to see if what I’m doing is having any effect (it already has, in that much of the infected area is now a tiny pile of shavings in the bathroom garbage can, which to me = PROGRESS) while I’m waiting for the derm appointment to roll around.

Because it makes perfect sense to do this, right? Nothing says ‘smart move’ like sanding your toenails down to almost bare nubbins. No harm can come of that, eh?

My thoughts precisely.


Well, there are cats playing in windowsills to admire, laundry to fold, dishes to wash, and the protracted waiting around for systems to fire up to do. I’m a very busy woman, you see, and must take my leave.


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