Thursday, March 04, 2010

Take your dramamine

I love this stuff. Click on the pic to get the full-sized effect!

For this first one, a hint: If you stare right at the center the weirdness ceases, but what would you want the weirdness to cease? What are you, some kind of weirdo?

Also, check this one out - an oldie but a goodie for major brain-bending:

FREAKY FUN! Woot! All the effect of a good buzz with none of the hangover. Extra-fine!


In case you were interested, I still haven't cleaned the melted plastic off the oven floor from my little brain-fart last week. Thank goodness for toaster ovens, you know?

It's amazing just how much oven cooking goes on at the Tiny House. Many times during this past week I've thought about 'what's for dinner' and then followed up with 'that's not too big for the toaster oven?' Or, 'hmm, I'd like to bake something' with the immediate antecedent 'that can be done in small batches.'

Clearly, it's getting to the tipping point at home, and Something Must Soon Be Done about the whole oven/plastic drippage situation. However, because I am a Master Procrastinator (Third Degree!), it's entirely possible that 'soon' in this case might well mean 'in a week or so, or until we all get well good and sick of waiting around for something to happen.'

Someone order me up a swift kick in the pants, won't you?


My younger brother thinks I'm a dork because I signed up to volunteer at the NC Renn Faire this year. Well, I showed HIM who knows a thing or 2 because my rebuttal of the aforementioned dorkatude included the fact that at these Renn Faires, many many women believe that the only good costume is one that shows off their vast tracts of land to the best possible advantage. In fact, I believe it's these costumes that have Biff and the Things so eager to go BACK to the Renn Faire this year, because seriously, who doesn't dig VToL? Even I, as an avowed heterosexual female, can admit they have allure.

Can't imagine what it must be like the be teenage boy at these things; or for that matter what it must be like to be a full-grown avowed heterosexual man. Shoot, I bet some of those gals could make Johnny Weir stand up and take notice, such are their charms.

Sadly, the eye candy for the ladies at the Renn Faire are not as varied in opportunity or scope, because the men's costumes generally don't tilt toward highlighting THEIR best bits. There are far too many tunics/cloaks/chain maile shirts/full suits of armor at the Renn Faire, to my way of thinking. Bah on periodicity and authenticity! I say MORE TIGHTS FOR THE MENFOLK! Or at least more kilts. I do so love a man in a kilt. Especially on breezy days.

Now that's an idea that might have to go in the suggestion box.


There is so much more to say, but time and space (and quite possibly, your interest) dictate I take my leave. Y'all have a fabulous Thursday!


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