Monday, March 01, 2010

she don't blog here no-mo

But heck, Tuesday is her birthday.

Go wish her the very best on this her 29th birthday. The pup.

There's a recliner on the kitchen table. It's wet and smells like Febreeze.

Thank God.


Today is the day of 2-line posting.

Thus I have declared.


Oh, and have you noticed that Tom Brokaw's speech impediment is NOT GETTING ANY BETTER? Gah! All y'all who have the powers that be at teevee or radio stations, please, for the love of Mike (and Pete [you're welcome, R-chelle]) do NOT hire people who gutturalize their "Ls," PLEASE.

Ira Flatow, I'm looking at you, once I stop giving Tom (and Robert Bazell [SHIVER]) over there a hard stare.

Just my opinion.

- -

And that's three lines. Y'all have a great night.

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