Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Intefadeh of the heart

From time to time there comes an evening so perfect as to mark a notch on the bedpost of reality.

Tonight has been one of them.

Bright afternoon. Easy commute. Homework done. Stew simmered. Fire built. Time spent 'at the pit' in the open air, watching flames leap and dance. And now, a chance to unwind in abandon.

This life is a good one, my friends.


There were two opportunities to have free cookies at work today.

Further proof that this is not the day on which the World ends. How could it be, with that many free desserts?


Also - I have never heard even one song by Lady Gaga. What am I missing? Is she anything like this chick?

Joanna Newsom. (vid by someone else, music is hers. Also? Listen to it more than once and you're addicted. I'm NOT KIDDING!).

I doubt that they're much the same at all, but of course you're invited to naysay at your whim.

Naysay away friends. CUL8Turd.

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