Friday, February 26, 2010

I'll be jiggered

That last post, the one from over a week ago that I thought would maybe be the last one here at blogger (no cap B because that would tip of the spysters who stalk me at night when the tinfoil hat is too crinkly) seems to still be attracting comments.

The manna of bloggers the world over, that comments are. Why write if nobody is going to comment on how relevant/cheeky/interesting you are? So, IDK about the Haloscan; it might be totally down on all new posts, or it might now be for accounts that were existent way back in the stone age, but the reality that could comment on my own stupid blog brought me back around here to say this:

You have not heard the last of me yet.

I've been quiet for a while, but with Spring (read: HELLO mothereffing gorgeous Carolina blue skies and 50 F temps!) comes rebirth...the daffodials I liberated from the abandoned lot next door are poking their turgid little heads above the soil and in a couple of weeks will be showing off their wee pistils and stamens to whoever will look, and by Jimbo that's a pretty fantastic sign the winter is over.

Me = can't wait.

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