Monday, February 01, 2010

doesn't this just figure

The credit card company that is constantly sending me 'checks to use as I want' and offers to 'transfer balances from other cards and get a 0.00% APR for a year' has just informed me that the interest rate is going to go up starting January 2010.

Not just go up, but DOUBLE.

That's right. Double.

I am now looking around for things to sell so that I can pay off the balance on this card and get serious about paying off the other card. The hole into which I've spent myself over the last 3 years must be filled in so I can start to see some financial daylight.

One bright note: Tinkerbell is paid off. Dave Ramsey's 'debt snowballing' says to pay off the work van next, then the damn-fool HVAC we had to put in last year, THEN the lower-balance card, then the ultimate big-one card, but Lord knows I'd like to put paid to the folks who want to charge me double what they did last year just to walk away from those sorts of shenanigans. My sense of fairplay has been rubbed the wrong way by this recent turn of events, and the brief feeling of being on somewhat firm financial footing is beginning to slip and slide.

Might as well call into play another of the "Financial Peace" tricks - SELL SOMETHING. So, yeah, it's me and the research for the next little while to see how best to get this monkey off my back. Little poo-flinging effer has outlived its welcome.


Day off of school AND work today. It's a bright sunshiny day, it's looking 8 kinds of inviting outside, and yet it's impossible to GET anywhere as 1) Biff had to take Tink to a job today as Lurch the truck won't budge out the driveway due to his very inefficient rear-wheel drive and 2) the local roads are a mess of black ice, slush, and regular old ice.

We went out yesterday afternoon to purchase the final supplies for the bathroom remodel, and what a nice surprise it was to be able to drive on actual pavement once we got to the main roads! Why, it made the torturous struggle of navigating the 3 miles of secondaries and feeders almost worth it to be able to glide along the main highways at regular speed. FORGET the white-knuckling of the neighborhoods - Route 1 was actually DRY in places, thanks to the diligent work of our road crews! Well done, guys and gals! You just keep pushing the shoulders free of snow and we, the taxpayers of this fine state, will continue to hyperventilate in complete terror as mounds of slush on every OTHER road fling our car around like a carnival funhouse cart. And sure, we'll wait a few more days to have even the barest of attention paid to our local roads, never MIND our little ol' dead-end street. It's FINE to hang out here, waiting patiently day after day for some help from our self-funded D.O.T. Why, it's like homesteading, only within a MILE of what we know are good passable roads! Who WOULDN'T think that sounds like a giant LOAD of fun? Not me, I love hearing cars whizzing by in utter freedom while I remain stranded like a flounder on a hot dock, panting desperately for the comfort it knows is but one flop into the water away. That's me - I'm a dehydrated flounder over here, panting for some small breath of attention. Hear me PANT, road doods, and do something about it!!! I am the pretty princess of peril and need your help to find the final jewel to adorn my crown and turn it into the Lost Treasure of the Apocolope, which will free the fettered herds of ungulates that previously roamed the Plains of Yargh! DO IT NOW!



I might just be a little stir crazy, is all. Maybe. Ya think?


Oh, that's about it for today. My blood is starting to boil thinking of that damned credit card situation. They're thisclose to getting a very tersely worded phone call from me asking ohsonicely to put the rates back where they were, dammit, and I won't continue to shoot hate beams at them from 120 miles away. Grrrrr....

But y'all have a lovely day, all right? I'll be here doing all the laundry I can and washing dishes and basically just pretending to be Laura Ingalls Wilder for yet another day, only without the corsets and petticoats. If it gets really bad, I might just start baking. Again.

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