Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Over it

The loss of my recently departed post of awesomeness is less of a sting today, and so I feel I must press on.

And yet, the thought of it brings a hot tear to the inside of my right eye, and a small yet attractive hitch in my throat that may or may not expand to an ever-so-slight chest heave, but nothing too obvious, as a woman in mourning should be hot, yet untouchable in her grief, ne?

My poor baby post.

Which was, as history would tell you if you have any familiarity with this place at all, was a baby formed of dead ends, lame jokey bits, a crooked spine, and a soul made of the acidic wringings of my disappointedly wasted potential.

A pretty picture, no?



In other news:

I'm apparently married now to a rock star.

Biff's in a band. Heaven and earth help us all, I feel groupidom coming on. Steelwater, set me FREE!!!


This morning I missed a meeting by almost 2 hours. Whoopise! Thought it started at noon, so me rolling in at 10 was supposedly cool.

The meeting? The all-DAY meeting? Started at 8:30.


Surprisingly, after I gave my apologies and set down to work, I wasn't censured for a second thereafter. Color me eight shades of surprised....for a minute I felt like I BELONGED.



Aaaaand, tomorrow will be a day much like today, only without the free lunch. Woot.

Yeah. Woot.

Carry on.

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