Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making Proclamations

It's clear that I am becoming an old woman, being as how I hardly know the names of any current musical superstars, don't Tweet or text, and have given up caring much what my ass looks like in jeans.

Perhaps this recognition of my onrushing geezerhood is why I'm enjoying going back through the musical archives of my youth and re-discovering a fuller discography of those I recall as being 1-hit wonders. Recently, I'm been hooked on The Proclaimers and their album "Sunshine on Leith," which was released in 1987. This is the album that brought us the "500 miles" song, which garnered well-deserved popular acclaim back inna day, but the tune that keeps circling around my particular noggin is "Cap in Hand," an anti-English political tune that I'll just bet gets a lot of play in certain pubs in Scotland. Here it is, with subtitles in case you're brogue-insensitive and can't figure out what they're saying just by listening (warning - it's tough to do without a learning aid, as these dudes are way Scottish):

These guys are still around, playing Australia and New Zealand this fall (their Spring, I guess) with the B-52s. Not sure how THAT combination was thrown together, unless it's a show squarely aimed at the pathetically unhip near-grandmas like me who, for a moment, want to pretend they really DO know all the words to every song, just like the good ol' days.

Tin ROOF.......rusted!


In case you're even the lest little bit interested in what my schedule is like some days (and if you're not, why IS that, exactly?), here's the timeline for my after-work hours yesterday:

Left work at 4:40. Got home at about 5:10. Was out the door at 5:12 to take Thing 1 to tae kwon do. Went grocery shopping to replace the mysteriously disappearing gallon of milk and OJ and bourbon (priorities!), was back home by 5:40. Started some pasta sauce and set some sausage to defrost, and was back out the door again by 6:10 to pick Thing 1 up. Returned home at 6:30, started cooking the sausage, tweaking the sauce, going over homework, greeting Biff, boiling water for pasta, making cheese toast, pulling dinner together, and rounding the troops to eat.

At 8:15.

Yeah, busy night.

Tonight, however, will be much different - the boys are with their Dad, and Biff has practice. It will be just me and the furunits at home. I have NO idea what I'm going to do, which makes me mildly anxious. Sometimes I think I prefer being super-busy to having several hours in which to bore myself to utter death.

Twisted, huh?

As plan A to fill the void, I'm thinking a bubble bath might be involved, and the last few Chapters of "Wicked." And possibly wine.

Hmmm, maybe not so boring after all!


There are far too many people in the cube farm nowadays. Yesterday saw the addition of two new contractors, one of whom is a regular Chatty Cathy.

Where do you get office supplies? How many kids do you have? What are regular work hours? Do we have to use laptops? Why is my head so big? Do you think I'm creepy? Let's have a staring contest!

Gads, it's going to be a long 6 months.


That's it for now y'all. There's much to do, starting with getting another cup of coffee. Remember, PRIORITIES!!

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