Sunday, August 16, 2009

The unrelenting ABCs of me, because 5 tags really IS a message from the FB gawds.

I know - shoot me, but it's a post and it'll show up on FB anyhow and I didn't feel like making it its own note there because I'm frelling LAYZEE, so bite me. Here it is:

A - Age: 47. Holy shit!

B - Bed size: Kween. Big enough to stretch out, small enough that mutually exclusive zones aren't possible.

C - Chore you hate: Cleaning the toilet, for I am very likely the only one who isn't visibly soiling it with God Only Knows What.

D - Don't eat: Yellow snow.

E - Essential start your day item: Coffee. El Pico for now, but our grocery has discontinued it, which is disturbing because it is LOVELY and LUSCIOUS and the GIFT OF LIFE in the morning. Bustelo may have to do from this point on.

F - Favorite board game: Yahtzee. Is that a board game?

G - Gold or Silver: Silver now. Used be an all gold kinda gal, but...things change.

H - Height: 5'10", or at least I was in May when we last measured. I could be shorter now.

I - Instruments you play(ed): Piano from 6 YO until about 14, the Horn from 11 I regret not keeping up with both, for making music is a balm when I don't even know I'm feeling at odds with the world.

J - Work/Job: right now? Medical writer. It pays the bills man, and sometimes the subject matter is gross enough to be interesting.

K - Kid(s): Things 1 and 2 here at the Tiny House, and 2 step kids I've yet to meet.

L - Living arrangements: Just about perfect, thanks for asking. Another bathroom might come in handy, but otherwise I'm a big fan of mega-downsizing.

M - Mom's name: Doris

N - Nicknames: Sweetie, Tiff (duh), Schmumpins, Mom

O- Overnight hospital stay other than birth: partial colectomy, C-section. I think that's it.

P - Pet Peeve: Misplaced apostrophes.

Q - Famous Movie Quote: There are lots of them, right?

R - Right or left handed: Left

S - Sibling(s): 2 brothers - one 2 years and 11 days older than me, and one 2 years and 11 days younger than me.

T - Time you wake up: ALAHP (as late as humanly possible)

U- Underwear: How about NONE?

V - Vegetable favorite: Anything but beets.

W - Ways you run late: Myriad.

X - X-rays you've had: Teeth, uterus, boobs, fingers, toes, BRAIN.

Y - Yummy food you make: Bourbon on the rocks. For everyone else it's hard to tell anymore, being as how my cooking duties have been cut in half or outright shared with the Biffster. I do make really good scrambled eggs. And curry.

Z - Favorite zoo animal: Anything in the tamarin family has my vote. Also hippos.


So, phewf. That took a long time. Hope it was worth it.

Y'all have a good night. There's beer brats and garlic mashed potatoes and green beans waiting to be et, so I must be going. I'll see you tomorrow.

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