Monday, August 31, 2009

Observational delusions of grandeur

Today was a good day for staying in bed. Gray, rainy, cool, perfect for sleepin’ in. So of COURSE it’s Monday! Something in me just doesn’t care for the idea of Monday, and that something was working full force today, because I repeatedly ‘snoozed’ both the alarm clock and my cell phone alarm, until the one fateful moment when I turned them both OFF and commenced to sleep some more.

Which, when I woke up at 10 minutes past the time we normally have to leave to get the Things to school, was a huge mistake.

This parental oversight will be blamed on the emergency room visit of last night. Yes, the residual stress of spending a few hours in the local ER just wracked my system, forcing me into psychic overload and flipping the switch from ‘coping’ to ‘sloth.’

I am a delicate flower, apparently.

But hey, Biff leg isn’t broken after all, and we have a shiny new pair of crutches for future use! Score!


Continuing the sleeping theme…

Does anyone NOT like a good ol’ Saturday afternoon nap? If so, I don’t understand them, for the SAN (new acronym, start using it today!) is a gift, a tonic, a savior to the weary masses. Why, just this past Saturday, I partook of the SAN when a headache was getting the better of my energy and patience, and lo, after 90 minutes of ocean-deep sleep, I was restored to my usual sunny-as-a-Greek-island self.

In celebration, we all changed into our swimmies and headed down to the Town pool for a little splash time.

Except….the pool was closed. The hell? They close the pool for CLOUDS these days? I mean sure, it wasn’t the most oppressive of summer days, but still a perfectly swimmable day nonetheless, and there we were, all geared up for aqueous-based funtime with no place to go.

Well, not exactly NO place, which is why the Kenjus had some unexpected guests (hey, we’ve been given carte blanche to their pool, why not use it?) at 5 p.m. on Saturday. It’s nice to have that ace up the sleeve, and it’s even BETTER because the Kenjus are wonderful folks who are also terrific conversationalists. Can’t think of a much better way to spend a couple of hours than a post-swim chat poolside with amiable intelligent people while the kiddoes play.

We were practically a Hallmark moment, is how perfect THAT was.


The Triangle area has, I believe, the largest number of douchey drivers per 1000 people anywhere in the United States. After careful observation, I’ve noted that these twatwaffles either drive a total beatermobile or a real flash vehicle, but nothing in between. I’ve yet to see a Kia ripping across multiple lanes of traffic, or a Prius hovering three feet from my rear bumper.

Is this true where you live, or is it just a curious affectation of the jerkwad drivers in my area?


That’ll close this out for today folks. Here’s hoping your afternoons are in full swing toward closing time! Tiff out.

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