Friday, August 21, 2009

57 Bucks for pajamas. Sheesh.

The Things, as you may know, take tae kwon do (or do they 'practice' it? I don't know). The Things, you may also know, are still growing boys, which makes purchasing a new ghi (ghee? Again, I don't know), every once in a while a necessity. Just this week it was Thing 1 needing something in the 'skosh more room' variety of martial arts pajamas, and so it came to pass that I wound up shelling out 57 hard-earned American dollars for them.


You can't tell me those folks aren't making money hand over fist.

(And that was too a martial arts joke, with the fist and all. Aint' that a kick?)

(See? I did it again. Whee!)


I'm yawning so much as I write this that I'm tearing up and unhinging my lower jaw about every 15 seconds. A nap sounds like SUCH a nice idea right now.

It's times like this that I sure wish I didn't have such a sense of duty to work, because if I didn't, I'd take the four steps from the kitchen table (my 'office' for today) into the bedroom and fall fast asleep.

Also? I haven't had any caffeine today. I'm mad at the coffeemaker, you see. More and more often it overflows, spilling gritty coffee water all over. No matter how well I clean the equipment, it's becoming more frequent that my 'enjoyment' of the morning's first cup comes from mopping it up off the floor, from the cabinets, out of the silverware tray....and from what I know, topical application of straight coffee doesn't get one nearly caffeinated enough to face yet another workday.

So, HA! coffeemaker. Because I am mad at you, you don't get used! In fact, you got UNPLUGGED and set on the table, far away from your toaster oven and blender buddies. YOU ARE IN TIME OUT, Mister Coffeemaker!

So there.


Biff and I are going out with some friends tonight. It's throwing off my whole rhythym! We're going to be heading out for dinner at 7, followed by maybe some music and tomfoolery, and I'm mentally stumbling over it.

It's weird to have the SOP of pizza night disrupted, is what I'm saying.

(And somewhere in Kabul there is a woman who WISHES she had my problems. I KNOW. Shush!)


Y'all have an impractical day and a highly unlikely weekend. Tiff out. (Probably to go fetch a giant mug of BK Joe and a breath of fresh air. And maybe a 5-hour energy thing, because dang - if I saw someone yawning as much as I am I'd tell them to go home and get some rest already! )

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