Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Floating on a breath of fresh air

I should be working, but there's a thunderstorm.

I should be hard-nosed, focused, but the cataclysm outside is....better

I should be putting the final coats of spackle on a shiny new document, prepping it for distribution and review, but the flashing lights and peals of gut-rumbling thunder, the needy dog, the sketchy power, the wide-furred cat, are all far better entertainments than mere WORK.

There is no work that can stand up to an act of nature, no matter what. A good thunderstorm is something to stand on the front porch and watch wash over whatever brand of reality surrounds you.

This is not time for the reality I believe I have the power to create. This is the time for what is real.

So, come join me on the front porch for a beer and a gawp and perhaps an arms-flung-wide stand in the blessed rain. I'll be there a while, I'm sure of that much. Thunderstorms demand that kind of attention.

Not work. Not now. I'll make my apologies tomorrow.

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