Friday, June 19, 2009

Where it is at

If someone sees my brain lying around, would you please pick it up (GENTLY!) and return it to me? I think I lost it about a week or two ago, and it’s been difficult going since then.

In the past several days I’ve had to send apologies for minor eff-ups to many a person who is depending on me to provide them with 1) the correct materials, 2) the correct date of delivery, 3) the correct guidance, and 4) some insight into how to interpret said materials. To say I’m becoming adept at throwing things over the fence at other people is to make a grand understatement. One can only hope that some of what’s getting chucked ends up hitting someplace reasonably close to the mark.

Speaking of chucking…I had the misguided idea to watch one of those “world’s wildest partiers” shows last night, and allowed the Things to watch it with me. Now , I loves me some drunken antics caught on tape, but some of what was on that show last night was a little too much, even for me. Imagine, if you will, a clip entitled “Vesuvius,” and you have the idea of the KINDS of vids being shown. Naturally, the boys LOVED it. To make me feel better about my parenting skillz, I’m looking at the experience as a teaching opportunity, letting the kids know that not only can you get VERY HURT by slipping in a pool of you own vomit or tumbling ass-over-wasted-teakettle down a flight of stairs, but you can in fact also DIE of alcohol-related poisoning or accident.

Not sure they heard me over their hearty peals of laughter. Hey – I tried.

In Birdie update: getting divebombed by a couple of hungry chicks first thing in the morning is not as much fun as it might sound. The upside is that they’re both still alive, so, YAY! One does begin to wonder, though, at which point they are out and living on their own with no need for blueberries and dog food to be shoved down their throats by accommodating mammals. I hope it’s sometime in the next 3 weeks or so, because we’re on vacation for a week in mid-July, and I’m pretty sure the dogsitter’s going to charge us extra for the care and feeding on baby robins if they’re not independent by that point.

Vacation. What a glorious word. Hoo boy – I can NOT wait. Perhaps that is where my brain is already, and perhaps that is why I’m having such a very difficult time focusing? Plausible.

And with that, friends, I leave you, to perchance make a path through the torturous mess of to-dos that need to-do-ing before I can get out of here for the day. At the very least, I need to make a list of the things I need to accomplish this weekend, for it looks to be ‘one of those’ where my computer and I make sweet workly LURVE for at least a few hours outside of normal professional intercourse time. Tantric work skillz – I has ‘em.

Y’all enjoy. See ya around the interwebs!

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