Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tay-yay-YAKE IT!

Take another little piece of my flesh, baby!

Tay-yay-YAKE IT!

Take another piece or two of my fay-yace, ya know ya willlll!!

Had a dermatologist visit this afternoon. Because, as if having 1) car trouble, 2) poison ivy, and 3) baby birds around for the last few weeks hasn't been enough stressly-stress for the time being, it was time to go see if any of the random bumps, blotches, and spots on this aging bod are morphing into something more sinister.

The answer is: yes. Yes, they are. Two of 'em, anyhow. One bump, two bump, red bump, almost-blue bump, and off you come with a stab and a scrape. Shoot me up, dear young-enough-to-be-my-daughter doc, and grab your scalpel; slice off them there hyperkeratotic lesions or whatever they are and sink 'em in preservative for the nice biopsy people to have a gander at.

Then? Stick a big ol' round Band-oodie on the wounds and send me on my way.

That's how they do it in MY hood.

So, if you see me sittin' funny, you know why, because one of those suspicious lesions was on the upper back of my right thigh. How the dear sweet young thing found it in all the dimples is beyond me. The other was as plain as the nose on my face, which, coincidentally, is about right where it resided until an hour or two ago. Mmm, face lesions.

Makes me want a bag of Fritos.

Got home a half an hour ago, and the wee bairds, who were spending some quality time outdoors in their blue bucket, had gotten hot enough to PANT. So cute, their lil' beaklies poking up over the edge of their artificial nest, mouths agawp, tongues floippin' around.

Of course we brought them in to cool down and have a bite ot eat, which was also when we discovered that if you microwave frozen blueberries, you'll get quite the flash fire!

Keeping baby birds is EXCITING!


Oh, and their names are Original and Extra Cripsy. Thanks Ron - you made me LOL with that one. Grant, you too. With two great minds thinking so much alike on that one issue, how could we say no??


That's it from here. Must go finish work, clean the house, and git ready for some folks to come over tonight. And maybe nuke some more blueberries, just because.

Y'all have a lovely evening.

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