Wednesday, June 03, 2009

'ello 'ello!

There are 15 minutes staring me in the face right now before my next meeting. What to do, what to do? Arrange the meetings I'm supposed to arrange to talk about stuff I don't want to even pretend exists, or post?

You don't have to be a genius to figure out which direction I'd be headed. The mere fact that you're reading this should be testament enough, but don't think too long and hard about what that might mean about your overall smartypantsedness if you're still trying to guess what I did.

Just. Don't. You might hurt yourself.

Also, don't think too long and hard about the new phenomenon that is sweeping the nation: 8th grade gaduation. Apparently it's totally the new black. This might be the reason that it's not such a big deal down here, what with black being far too warm a color to wear after Easter. Seriously! Too hot! It's like 95 degrees outside and I have no airconditioning in my car, so I KNOW! Too hot. But still, why 8th grade graduation? Those poor kids are just stepping up to 4 more years of school (if they don't flunk out, drop out, get knocked up and shipped off to grannies, or cack before their time's up), so why all the celebration? It's not as though they're unfamiliar with the concepts of what's going to happens when school resumes in the fall, and it's not like they have much of a CHOICE in the matter nor are they able to self-direct to much of any effect, so I'm schtumped about this new development.

I'm glad they don't do that sort of thing around these parts (or at least my my kids' school) because, damn, I already have enough crap to pay for. A 'junior size' cap n' gown just isn't in the budget.

What also isn't in the budget is a fix of that car AC I mentioned up there. Oh, I had had visions of not fixing it and just gutting through, saving myself money on the repair to live fiscally responsibly, but IT'S 95 DEGREES OUTSIDE and I swear to you that walking into work covered in slick of sweat, windblown and irritable, is NOT the height of corporate TIff look. OK, FINE - it's true that the actual corporate Tiff look is a mere step or two BETTER than irritable, sweat-stained, and windblown (so the no AC ain't SUCH a huge deal as appearances go), so you can understand that it's best to not notch the look down any further.

Is there anyone out there who doesn't use the AC in their car, even on the hottest of summer days, if it's available to them? If so, why ON EARTH?

I could go on like this all day (I haven't even told y'all about my b-day celebration yet or my new arsenal of DRUGS!) but my time's up - 3 minutes to the next meeting.

Have a lovely afternoon.

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