Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cone of silence

That last band concert of middle school I mentioned yesterday?

I missed it. Completely.

It's not that I didn't show up, for I did, leaving another gathering to do so, because I am an Interested Mom and like to do the right thing by the kids (who are with their Dad this week, just FYI). I did show up, at 10 minutes 'til 7, which is a comfortable margin to have to find a seat, chat with other parents, etc.

As I was walking into the school a HORDE of kids with "DARE" tee shirts and recorders were coming out of the school, which I thought was odd because they were the one supposed to be doing the ol' Recorder Rock' with the 8th grade band. "Hmmm," thought I, "Perhaps they're just coming outdoor for a little warmup time? Oh, and why is it that there are band kids LEAVING the school with their folks when the concert hasn't even started yet?"

They were leaving because the 8th graders played at 6:30.


Thing 1 was in the dance room munching on cookies and milk (a part of the celebration of their last middle-school concert) and didn't seem bothered by the fact that his Mom wasn't there to hear him play. I, on the other hand, was vigorously (mentally) kicking myself for missing it, even though the concert started half an hour before they normally do and why on earth would I even THINK to ask about something like that when they ALWAYS start at 7??

Thing 2's band, not to be outdone by the random start times, didn't play until 7:30. Yep - they had ONE part of the concert an hour before the second part. Does that make any sense at ALL?

Amazingly enough, the world didn't fly off its axis because I failed. Nobody died, there were no zombie outbreaks, and the 6th grade band sounded pretty good. Worse things could have happened, I suppose.


Right now I'm hungry for something that I don't know what it is, but will know it when I eat it. Sadly, I suspect that what I'm hungry FOR is a McDonald's double cheeseburger, and that until I get it my mouth will not be happy.

Wonder if there's a healthy substitute for what might be the world's yummiest heart attack vector?

As always, your thoughts are welcome. Have a lovely day.

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