Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Below my limit of quantitation

By 11 a.m. this morning I'd already apologized to three people for screwing something up or not getting them things they need or providing the WRONG thing to them in the first place.

It did not bode well for the rest of the day...because I HATE apologizing to people for ANYTHING. I'd prefer to never be in a position at work to be the one tagged as the fuckup. Things have just been getting away from me lately, and in the chaos I'd lost track of some stuff, didn't bother to update a couple of timelines, and didn't fully QC something that contained a few mistakes.

Perhaps there are a few too many balls in the air, and I've never had juggling lessons?

Let us turn from such negativity, and instead face a far brighter horizon. To wit: I jogged for 5 minutes in a ROW this morning! TWICE!! BEFORE 7 A.M.!!! Holy cats, people, do you have any idea how impossible I thought it would be to do that? Just a few weeks ago jogging for 1 single solitary minute caused me to hate the world with a jihadic passion, and today there was multiple minutes of wogging all strung together!

Yes, I'm busy practicing how to pat myself on the back, thanks for asking.

I'm really REALLY proud of this morning's outing. Five minutes seemed like a total pipe dream, and for a moment I thought about begging to just do last week's workout again this week, but the air was cool, the planned route was flat, and I'm not getting any younger, so why NOT try for a push goal? OK, so I 'jogged' about about a half a mile an hour, and must have looked quite the sight as I galumphed along the sidewalk sweating from every pore and several orifii (some of which I'm pretty sure I grew JUST TO SWEAT OUT OF THEM), but I do not care, for it's the minutes that matter, not the style in which I do them. In all, the workout went like this:

5-minute walk
3-minute jog
90-second walk
5-minute jog
2.5-minute walk
3-minute jog
90-second walk
5-minute jog

That's 16 minutes of pure joggery, right there. Not so bad. The big fly in my ointment of contentment though is that at the end of next week there's a workout with 20 minutes of straight jogging.

That *thud* you just heard? Yeah, that would be my confidence hitting rock bottom.


Changing topics yet again - Over at Facebook I've asked people to write me a haiku. I do not know why, and it doesn't really matter, does it? Once asked, obligation sets in, does it not?

Thus far there are several amusing entries. People are amazingly compliant and creative. I love that.

That being said, if you have FB, go on over and write me a daggone haiku. If you don't have FB, and want to get in on the fun of creating ART for ART'S sake, feel free to leave your haiku in the comments below. Otherwise, join in the pride parade and tell us about what your proudest moment in sports has been.

And have a lovely day.

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