Monday, May 18, 2009

Ain't no time to take a break

Our little house is not very complicated - it's basically 4 rooms arranged within a 30-foot wide (and long!) square with a bathroom tacked on the back. All the rooms except the bathroom are a 15-foot square with a lil' bit of the inside corner taken out for a used-to-be-fireplace (central heat used to equal central chimney, apparently). This simplicity is wonderful for a simple-minded person like yours truly - basic arrangements of rooms and sensible uses for each please me to no end. I LIKE all the rooms in the house; the living room is cozy, the bedrooms are multipurpose, the kitchen seems spacious and homey at the same time. Therefore, being comfortable in each room is key so that people want to spend time in all of them instead of being all piled-up on one another in the one comfy room. Fact is - We are too large for all that, and the house, in general, is too small for the long-term piling-on. has been a problem that our bedroom was the least pleasant room in the house, atmospherically speaking. It was then a problem of mustyness, you see. Of perhaps a smidge of damp, or of staleness. A few issues with the room are as follows: Firstly, there's only one window in there, which makes the place a touch cavelike. Not a bad thing on long weekend mornings, but not a 'come on IN and let's hang out, read, play records, do each others' toes, and talk about thermonuclear war' kind of place. Second - one window = no cross-ventilation. Thirdond - the ceiling fan in that room was woefully undersized...a result of having the attc pull-down attich just off center of the bedroom, and a ceiling fan that is about half-size just so the blades don't overlap the pull-down. Truth is, even the bravest of little soldier fans couldn't keep up with the demands of moving around a 15' cube of air - even on high speed that wee lil' thang just couldn't generate a breeze brisk enough keep two full-grown adults comfy at night.

(it must be added here that THIS full-grown adult throws off enough heat while sleeping to melt an igloo, and the other full-sized adult is no slouch in the exothermia, either)

That fan didn't work so great last summer to augment the AC. And now, the spectre of summer looms large again. It's already been in the 90s here. Summer with a wee fan isn't all that hot, hardeeharhar. As if that vague sense of 'ohno, not this again' wasn't enough, there was the burning smell that woke me up at about 4:30 yesterday morning. (What, again? you might ask, remembering that not but about 2 months ago we had the fireboys at our house for a PREVIOUS burning smell, which resulted in a $5000 outlay for a new heating and air-conditioning unit.) Yes, a burning smell; the cause of which this time seemed to be the tiny fan giving its all, coughing out its final efforts while humming louder and louder against the strain of its duties.

The fan was burning up, y'all.

And so, yesterday afternoon found us at Lowe's, purchasing a 52" ceiling fan AND REMOTE CONTROL for the 'master bedroom.' Yessir, 100-some dollars worth of pure comfort came home with us, was ably installed by the handydude, and was SLEPT UNDER very shortly after lunch. Oh, sweet Sunday afternoon nap - the fond memories!

The fan works a treat, folks. A TREAT! If it is wrong to love having my nostril hairs swirled about by this brawny new air-handler, to feel the chill breeze on whatever leg I poke out rfom under the duvet, to revel in the notion that we haven't even USED medium and high speed yet, then I don't even WANT to be right.

Bring your worst, summer. We are ready.

As long as there's electricity. Which reminds me....I wonder if we have a generator?

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