Monday, April 06, 2009

One day left to vote

Y'all, the Blonde Goddess votey thing for a chance to interview her has totally swung to Moog's favor, and I CANNOT HAVE THAT.

So, to sweeten the pot of me baring a portion of skin here on the blawg that normally doesn't get shown the light of day if I win (keeping it SFW), I am taking suggestions on which part it should be, and the more people who vote for a specific choice (name your fave in the comments here) will get their wish if they somehow make it possible for me to win that OTHER vote.

And thus implodes the internet.

Seriously - I didn't realize how much I wanted to interview that crazy bitch until it seemed like I wouldn't get to do so. So, please, go vote for me. Please?


I'm on my knees here. Begging.
(Note: if you voted for someone else before, you can CHANGE YOUR VOTE, which is a tactic I heartily endorse, if infact you did not vote for me the first time. If you did vote for me, do NOT use that option because tiny gnomes will tear at your taintflesh in your dreams. You have been warned!)


In other news - I'm still up to my ass in alligators with work. I cannot believe it's frigging 3:45 already. The petty dramas that make up my work life are laughably insane, yet are held in such high regard by the drama queens that meetings need to be held to appease them, and phone discussions about how to position our opinions are rampant, and DEAR GOD MAKE IT STOP.

It would be an OK thing to win the lottery. Must scrape up that dollar to play.

It's clear that my dream job would be something that include me handing out instructions and offering opinions, and instead I've opted for a job that entails a high degree of having to LISTEN to other people and take in consideration THEIR NEEDS, and I am not a big fan. Some people are thick-headed twatwaddles who are bloated with self-importance and an enhanced sense of history equalling relevance.

I, for one, am damned sick and tired of this paradigm, and thus have decided to turn into a baby carrot, because who doesn't LIKE baby carrots? They are sweet and vibrant and tasty, nobody expects them to work, nobody tells them to do things; instead, baby carrots are artfully arranged on platters and doused with luscious Ranch Dressing before being delicately nibbled. I could be doused in Ranch Dressing and nibbled, easily.

So there you go. Bring on the Hidden Valley, darlings, and go vote for me at Tammie's house. Because honestly? The thought of her being interviewed by the world's biggest baby carrot is simply too delicious to pass up, wouldn't you agree?

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