Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thirty more to a thousand. Hiphip!

I wish I could fly. Just thought I'd put that out there.


Albert the cat snores. It's rather charming. Also charming is how he kneads his lil' paws when he's a happy purr bucket. There's almost nothing more utterly blissful that a biscuit-makin' cat. It as a shame to have to stop him this morning, but the value of his bliss was nothing compared with thvalue I assign to NOT wetting the bed.

Full morning bladders and happy cats do not mix.


Some dudes from the town came by this morning to hook up the Tiny House to the town load-sharing system. Say hello to outside control over heating and cooling, and a big HOWDY to reduced energy bills! Heck yes.

Yep - they just came on-a by, right as I was about to get in the shower. Showers being an operational positive prior to going to work, you know.

So, no shower, because the first and truly ONLY thing they asked of me was to flip the switch on the water heater. Right then. No hot water means no shower. Yes, yes I KNOW there's very likely enough hot water in the water heater to last one shower, but the thought of taking a shower while two worker-dudes are in the crawlsapce right UNDER the shower creeped me out.

What if suddenly the floor cracked open and I plunged, dripping wet and totally naked, right on top of their baseball-cap-wearing heads? Could happen! What if there is some heretofore unknown peephole from the crawlspace into my SHOWER and they could peer straight up into the ol' cootchal area? Might be! Plus which? The whole time they were under the house they were joking around, and you cannot tell me that taking a shower DIRECTLY above two men who are joking around in your crawlspace isn't creepy.

So, yeah. No shower until the fellas left. That put the first available opportunity at around 9:45. OK then. Shower and prepare for work = 30 minutes, with a 45-minute commute added on would put me to work at, uh....11 a.m. Right. Not gonna happen.

The beauty part of my job is that with a telephone and a computer, I can pretty much work anywhere that has internet, as long as I'm not running a meeting. Today? I'm hanging' on my couch as a light breeze blows through the living room window, stirring up the cat and dog hair, cascading clouds of dust from table to floor to God knows where. Just lovely, I'm sure you'll agree. Still, even with the visible reminders that the floor needs yet another vacuuming, working at home beats the everloving SNOT out of hunching over a hot keyboard in a cubicle, no matter what.

Plus which, there's the whole 'pajama' aspect to consider.


In recent weeks I've not been listening to the radio or watching teevee news at all, as part of an effort to 'power down' the noise in my life.

Not only has the exercise illustrated that I had a LOT of noise in my life, but that the noise that I THOUGHT was useful was in fact more toxic that simple white noise. The news, that purveyor of doom and gloom, was bumming me out in a rather insidious manner. I had become almost too well informed, beginning to care about obscure things like the Zimbabwe elections and the plight of Cambodian monks and the future of the textiles industry on Bhopal.

You know what? I do not need to care about these things right now. I might not ever need to care about them, to tell you the truth. Not that I'm shuttering my windows and choosing the remain completely uninformed, because that would be ignorant and isolationist, but I do NOT have to suffuse every waking moment with 'news' over which I have no control and the impact of which on my life is almost nil. Especially while driving, or trying to relax over a nice dinner or whatever.

From now on, I'm getting my news from printed media, and letting the silence play nicely with the new peace of mind I've found.


This is getting long, so I'll leave it at that. I hope all y'all are having a wonderful day. Oh, and please go visit Rennratt, who is starting the long process of helping her husband heal. She could use some kind thoughts, I'm sure.

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