Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunshine, on my shouders, makes me freckly

There’s a bit of a glow about me these days, a gift of the first sunny day in heaven only knows how long and 4+ hours spent at the NC Renn Faire yesterday afternoon (as described aptly over at Spiffytown (stupid blogger isn't working well enough to put in links here, grrr (UPDATE: the home computer loves me, so here's your link)).

Whoever said dressing up in period costumes and parading around playing at swords and lords and ladies is strictly the baileywick of uber-dorks is a liar, for there were many MANY fine lords n’ ladies and wenches and armsmen in attendance, none of whom looked particularly dorky to this ol’ gal.

(Note to self: before next year’s faire, get one of those corset thingies. Renn Faires are, perhaps, the ONLY place left where nearly-full frontal boobage is not only accepted, but encouraged. No fair letting all the other well-endowed ladies get all the stares.)

Question though – when did FAIRIES enter the standard character list at the Renn Faire? Aren’t they something best reserved for other types of “cons,” like Dragon Con or something? There were fairies aplenty yesterday, with wings of various sizes and bells adorning all available appendages, and yes, they are cute, but what FUNCTION do they serve? Why not substitute witches and wizards for a marginally more relevant magickal role-playing opportunity! Oh! I know, there could be a witchy dunking booth, and a burning at the stake! There could be a TORTURE chamber, and a “Potion Station” where people could mix n’ match different kinds of slurpables. Hexes could be placed, and incantations chanted. It would be AWESOME, and yet nobody’s gone there yet, as far as I can tell. All the damn fairies do is go around sprinkling glitter on people and having their wings get in the way of where folks want to be walking. Enough with the fairies, say I, bring on the WITCHES!

Witches with corsets. And thus my new costume idea is born.


So, Thing 1 got himself a shiny new sword yesterday for the price of having to take out the garbage and recycling, unasked, for the rest of his life (or at least until he goes to a higher-education facility).

I think he got ripped off, but when a 13-year-old boy wants a sword and only has 4 dollars, it’s obvious that he’ll agree to just about anything to get his hands on one.

The sword (which is disguised in a staff) was 25 bucks. Twenty five dollars worth of sword, for which he’s going to take out the trash and recycling approximately 200 times over the next few years before he goes of to college. Freaking cheap labor, that kid is. And desperate.

One wonders what we can make him do for us the NEXT time he really wants something for…nothing.

Heh heh heh.

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