Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'll wave at you as I pass your exit

Hey y’all.

If you haven't seen me around your home on the 'net recently, and wonder if I still love you, the answer is I DO, but that lately life has been...complicated. I may not be up in your face with visits, but please don’t forget about me, mmkay? My typical semi-lengthy excursions around the interwebz have, by necessity, been cut rather much more short than normal, and far shorter than I would normally PREFER. But duty calls. And calls, then texts me repeatedly, then jabs me in the side with a pointy finger, then screams in my face like a drill sargeant on a dusty hot summer day.

It’s nearly impossible to ignore duty when it does shit like that.

Quite frankly, I’m overwhelmed with ‘life,’ and until I get my poop in a group in regard to work and financial crap, I have lectured myself that I am NOT ALLOWED to retreat into the safe warm arms of the world-wide weave. It’s time to stiff-upper-lippit, I’m afraid.

I’m still around. Just not….around. See you when the storms pass.

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