Monday, March 02, 2009


(Mr. Alan Rickman did not write this note, but he is here to lend hunky credence to the sentiment...)

To my friend Wordnerd:

I almost let this day slip by without sending best wishes to you on the anniversary of the day of your birth. This would be an egregious error, for you are one of the first internetly friends I ever made AND one of the most engaging insightful charming people I know. When we first met, I was THRILLED that the Great and Powerful Wordnerd from the WVSR would want to talk to a nobody like me? What a charge I got out of that, and how glad I am to have that acquiantance turn into real friendship. :)

We've seen each other through some interesting times, and though communication ebbs and flows, I know that you're the kind of person who appreciates small slices of life without being disappointed that they might not be getting the biggest piece of the personal interaction pie.

(That? was a metaphor crafted just for YOU, buddy).

You are an astounding piece of work, "Nerd. I am honored to call you friend, and truly honestly earnestly hope that in the near future we'll meet in person over beignets and coffee perhaps, and share some face time. Even if that never comes to pass, it doesn't rob my esteem for you of any glitter, for you are a rock star in this e-world and in the real world too.

Many happy returns, Wordnerd. And many many more.

Love, Tiff

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