Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ripped from the headlines!

Just saw this on my Google Newsfeedermabob - "Stimulus aid may have your name on it"

Well then? Really? It's possible I'm going to get a STIMULUS AID from my government?

As if being screwed on my taxes every year wasn't enough, now they're possibly going to send me an aid to stimulate me. Perhaps, who knows, it might be so that I enjoy my yearly wallet-reaming all that much more.

Make my stimulus aid a buttplug, please. Might as well get to stretchin' it now.


Went to the dentist this morning, and along with the jaw massage I got because my stupid mouth doesn't open very far and thus it gets really freaking TIRED when I have to keep it cranked open for the hygienists and plumbers and God-knows-who-all to do their twisted shit all up in there, I got some bad news.

I have to get my first filling ever in my life. This makes Tiff an unhappy camper.

Thus far, my teeth have been pristine, unsullied by cavity or filling. A streak of 46+ years, all gone down the tubes now. It's very sad. I had been inordinately proud of my record, and thought that perhaps I could live al ong life without ever having to get drilled n' filled, but alas, this is not to be.

You see, a molar cracked a few years ago, and all along it's been 'monitored' for possible signs of deterioration. Never mind that approximately 1/4 of the tooth is missing, and that jagged shards of toothly material scrape the back of my tongue on a semi-regular basis (read: every day), no, THAT was not enough for me to agree to have some work done.

Silly me.

Now, the tooth, like so much of the rest of me, is 'going soft.' Possible decay - the horrors! I cannot have decay IN MY MOUTH, and so have agreed to let them numb me up, scrape me out, and fill me up, buttercup.

Maybe they'll patch up the 3 other small tooth chips while they're in there. A little spackle, a little sanding, and I'll be ready to grind a while NEW set of teeth.


Why would I grind my teeth? Our furnace is about to shit the bed. The monstrous 10-year-old unit has a rusty heat exchanger and is BELCHING FLAMES out the sides on startup. Probably not a good thing.

It's 1000 bucks for this particular kind heat exchanger, if they can FIND ONE. Apparently the one distributor in the state has packed up and moved on. It's more than a thou for a new unit, of course.

Sigh. Come on, stimulus aid. If I'm bending over, might as well be for a GOOD reason.

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