Friday, February 13, 2009

It's 951!

Closing in on 1000 posts here at Ye Olde NAY(e), can you frigging BELIEVE it? My goodness that's a lot of words. One would have thought that by now I'd have run out of things to say, but no. There's always something to say.

Like, how I went to the bank this morning to check to see if I had enough money to pay the mortgage (due ABSOLUTELY by the 15th), and the answer was a big ol' fat YES, because the autopay thingie kicked in last night! Yay for autopay thingies! Also, there's a few more bucks in my savings account that I thought there were (me being not so good with knowing how much I have at ALL TIMES) which means that I can mail a check to my mom for a downpayment on the lake house for this summer (hi Mom!) which will make her happy because she fronted that payment to the rental agency last week (or perhaps 2 ago). Can't have her thinking I'm a total and complete slacker.

Also, like how last night after I MADE Thing 2 skim the correct chapter of his science textbook (because indeed the instructions in his agenda were to 'skim,' which I think is interesting), he declared "you know what? your eyes and eyebrows and ears and mouth all orbit your nose," which made me snort Jim Beam, which wasn't as nice a feeling as you might think but hey, a laugh's a laugh.

In addition to which, we've been watching a LOT of Harold Llyod films recently at the Tiny House, and my goodness what fun THAT is. Silent movies are great entertainment, who knew? That dude could do some amazing things with his skinny lil' ol' body, and the comedic timing and almost-understandable silent talking (there's no NOT recognizing when someone mouths 'oh no!')and perilous situations are simply wonderful. Netflix, babies - they've got what it takes for some good old family bonding time.

And this one is for Tracy Lynn - you'll be happy to know that Thing 1 is now an avowed Terry Pratchett fan, and he's spreading the lurve to his friends. This makes me happy, for us geekly folk do like to know that the next generation will carry their freak flag onward.

Lastly (woohoo, it's almost OVER!) - Tonight at the TH there will be homemade pizza, more Harold Lloyd no doubt, and then the weekend will be full of fun things like CLEANING and possibly MAKING OUT A WILL, and perhaps even the most stellar occupation ever - CREATING A BUDGET!

You envy me, admit it. I gots me da glamour.

Post-lastly; I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend. Hugs to all!

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