Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow day

There is, as I'm sure you must know by now because it's the TALK OF THE TOWN, snow in the Triangle.

Lots of snow, by which I mean to say at least 2 inches. Everybody panic! Close the worksite, cancel school, bar the doors! Then everybody head to the local hardware store, buy some overpriced plastic slide-upons, tromp to the nearest town park, and have a freakin' ball sledding, getting cold cheeks and toes and fingers, breathing the crisp wet air, knocking people over who can't seem to get out of the way at the bottom of the sled run (and why would thay? It never frigging SNOWS here so they don't know about sledding-hill etiquette), and brushing globs of crusty snow from fleece pants and hoodliners.

Ah, snow, the biannual treat.

After sledding, why not then clomp back inside, brew up some hot chocolate, take a nice warm bath, eat some steaming soup, and wait until the sledding clothes dry out enough to put them BACK on and do it all over agian?

Oh, and watch the inauguration re-runs on YouTube. Yup - gotta LOVE a snow day.


This is indeed a momentous day, not only for the snow, but for that inauguration. While the new president was not my first choice as candidate (having voted for the current Secratary of State in the primary), I have high hopes that the nouveau pragmatism of the Cabinet and other appointed leaderships will pay out in the form of sensible government, increased fiscal responsibility, movement toward lasting world peace, and a chicken in every pot.

You get the idea.

(Side note: I'm really glad that ol' "Shoot 'em in the face!" Cheney is outta there. One day I'd like to know just how much power he really had in the White House, and what post-mortem W would put on his Veep activities while in office. That man, at least to me, is wrapped in powerful shadows... )

So here were are on the day of the inauguration of the this nation's first mixed-race (at least as far as we know, though Lincoln was rather a swarthy fellow, wasn't he?) president. As long as W doesn't try to poison the rice pudding at lunch today, things should be off to a decent start.

Here's hoping.

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