Friday, December 19, 2008

Can a midget look at gift horse in the mouth?

Hi! I'm almost feeling better now! Why, if I hack up the remaining three pounds of gunk that have settled deep in me far-down lung lobes, I might just have a fighting chance at something like 70% capacity by suppertime. I am SO looking forward to that. It would be a 69% improvement from where I was yesterday morning.

Made it into the office today - and good thing too, because the CHRISTMAS TREATS are here! Yay!! Boxes of things that look like goodies have been delivered from our vendors, but beware, for these goodies are not so great and mostly taste like the boxes in which the came. That right there is a brand of evil that I won't touch.

Much preferred are the homemade treats that are on my desk right now - well, ONE homemade treat. A coworker has dropped off some kind of unbelievably good nut mix that she made, and I think I might need a padlock to keep my fave out of the bowl for the rest of the day. They're sweet and a little spicy and super crunchy and I want them allll.

The best, however, MUST be the gift from my boss. He knows me well, for in a lovely festive gift bag there sits a bottle of Knob Creek bourbon, a potable that tastes like a slice of sun-warmed heaven. This too may well need a padlock, for reasons other than the simple sin of gluttony that the nut mix would tempt me toward. I'm thinking that drinking at work would be frowned upon, even IF the boss was the one doing the tempting with his offering of sweet sweet liquor.

Daggone it.


So, I'm going to New York City for Christmas. There was hardly any thinking involved in the decision-making - the plane tix and a couple of nights at a Very Famous Hotel were too reasonably priced to pass up. The Things will be with their Dad and Grandma, getting spoiled rotten prior to our trip to My Mom's the weekend after Christmas, where they will be spoiled rotten also. Therefore, I decided to spoil MYSELF a little, and thus the trip to NYC at Christmas.

There is a vague outline of Things To Do - Empire State Building, the Intrepid, Grand Central Terminal, NY Public Library, Central Park and Times Square are on the menu, and we'd love to fit in Chinatown and maybe a show, but is there something that simply cannot be missed in The City that we could squeeze into a 3-day visit? Tell me about it, won't you?

I'm getting excited to go back. NYC is great. My folks both grew up there, and when I was a young kid I thought a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house was a thrill. Oh, their apartment wasn't all that (though it was pretty cool even if you did have to walk up several flights of creaky stairs to get there), it was the feeling of the city, the bustle of millions of people, the cars blaring horns and the smell of bus exhaust, the pigeons and exotic shops, the gray bulk of hi-rises, and crackle of life energies colliding with each other. No other city has that particular vibe, the semi-gritty, sort of sophisticated, dressed-to-the-nines-to-step-over-a-bum kind of personality.

If you happen to be there too, I'll be the wild-haired yokel in jeans and skull-bedecked vans gawping at....everything. Feel free to say Hi.

And have a lovely weekend.

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