Thursday, December 04, 2008

Turn, and Face the Strain, Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

What a difference year makes.

2007 was a huge year for changes in my life. Deciding to leave my marriage, moving out, buying a house, losing 25 pounds, meeting someone new, getting a new job, it all added up to a big ol’ dumpload of stress, excitement, and, ultimately, gratefully welcomed peace. The adjustments were enormous, but in the end were totally worth it.

Except now? All the peace and happy happy joy joy I've had in '08 have left me the unhappy recipient of that 25 pounds BACK again. Fuckers. Add to that, turns out that another life step reached this year, 'the menopause' (TMI? Tought darts, farmer. It happens!), is a large contributor to the rebound; in that that estrogen plays a hige role in metabolism. And I thought it wouldn't happen to me. Eeyeah.

I’m not at all happy about that weight thing. Pants that were blissfully loose last year are now ‘fitting’ again. There’s a spare tire around my middle that I’ve NEVER had before (my abdomen was one of my best features in years past), and let’s not even talk about my grandma upper arms. Sheesh.

Being happy comes at a price, or so it would appear. And yet, I wouldn’t trade it, not for all the skinny in the world if it meant I had to give up the world I’ve created.

2008 has been great; the happy is awesome. 2009 looks to be even better, with the forcast calling for much more of the same. Guess I’d better start working out again, lest all the happy piles up around me in great folds of adiposic glee. Fat and happy is good for babies (and perhaps for those ladies over there <---), but not for this ol' gal. Might be time to start the Shrinking Piggies up again.

Anybody with me?

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