Wednesday, December 03, 2008

There is awsome here, if you look hard enough

Don't you love it when you're talking with someone, say at a meeting at work, and when you exhale through your nose either out of exasperation or agreement a booger comes shooting out? Klassy, baby! Yep! That's my nose grit on your agenda! LOOK AT IT!

Also almost equally loveable is when, during a moment that should be held private between a person and their very noisy bowels, someone else walks in to the ladies' room at the moment of decible-tastic bomb-droppage. Oh yes, so much to love about sharing the moment of defecation with a faceless coworker. SMELL IT!

Another thing to love is cookies. I'm just saying. Cookies are wonderful. Unless they're those Italian wedding cookie things that look so wonderful but taste like they need more sugar and perhaps some flavor other than 'stale.' EAT IT!

That is all.

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