Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa knows no calendar...

The jolly old elf made a quick pre-Christmas stop at the Tiny House today, bringing "Rock Band" for the Things' PS2. Current playing positions - Thing 2 on drums, Thing 1 on lead guitar. The mic is as yet unused, but already there's talk of purchasing the bass controller.

I wonder how Santa knew that they'd accept this as a wholly satisfactory substitute for the XBox 360 and snake they wanted? Oh wait, he's God, he knows stuff about stuff; in this case, 'stuff' means what adolescent boys will like.

Smart Santa. Must have been a testosterone-soaked young man once himself...


In other news, the Christmas tree is finally decorated, in full. THIS IS TOO NEWS, being as how the poor dear thing sat half-done for over a week while waiting for the boys to get back home. Oh, the garland and lights and a few ornaments were pretty, but I think this year's tree proves beyond a shadow of doubt that more ornaments is almost always a good thing.

The tree, she is enCRUSTed with glittery baubles. Becaus the decorating ws done by the aforementioned adolescent boys, not all the ornaments are in the same color family, or even really match. Not all of which are hung on the 'right' branches. Not all of which are where I would put them or facing the way I would face them, or showcased in a way that I might otherwise, if left to my own devices, would showcase them.

Truth is - those things don't matter. Not one tiny whit. The tree is happy like that. There are no overly saggy branches. There are no clumpy clusters of similarly-colored or shaped balls (my ONLY requirement), and the stand is full of water. It's a darned good life for a tree, and so, knowing (as trees do) that having already been chopped down, it's best to have found a good home to care for it for the last few weeks it's able to transpire.

We? Are that house.


Also - prezzies are largely bought, and those that were bought are now wrapped and under the tree. I probably say this every year, but if I never set foot into another super-crowded mall chock-full of simpering teen gothetts, junior criminals, snotty babies, doddering oldsters, and the COMPLETELY UNABLE TO GET OUT OF MY WAY, it will be too soon.

Malls used to have some attraction for me, but no more. They are the stomping grounds for those who care about trends, being seen, conspicuous consumption, or idly whiling away hours that could be spent doing something productive, like shaving weasels or stuffing spray cheese back into the can.

Could be though that I'm just getting old...


Hope y'all are having a spectacular day. Oh, and if you've read this far (and why on earth? go shave a weasel!), why not hop over to Tracy's and read my guest post from this past weekend? You'll have to scroll down some (for I am being extremely lazy and not linking to my own post), but that should be small effort on your part for such a huge payoff in terms of overall high quailty and damned fine writing.

I'm talking, of course, about everyone else's guest posts. Mine's just the usual dreck, wrapped in a a shiny holiday bow. Avitable's post alone is worth a trip over. So touching.

So go on, click on over, and have a great afternoon.

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